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<<Any Sci-Fi Universe. Any Sci-Fi Models. Forever Free to Play.>>

What if you could recreate sci-fi skirmishes between any of your favorite sci-fi themed scale models, regardless of their franchise-bound universes? What if there was a tabletop sci-fi multiverse: a place where all great warlords from galaxies beyond could test their skill and power on a common field of battle? What if there was a game that supported your modeling hobby instead of burning it out? A game that let you build and paint and combine the models you like, and not just the ones you had to buy? And what if the game wasn't just fluffy; just for fun? What if it was balanced, well supported, easy to play and learn, but strategically very satisfying--indeed, one of the most well made tabletop systems available on the market? And then, what if it wasn't on the market at all? What if it was completely free to play, both casually and competitively, for all people anywhere in the world?

Welcome to Star Breach, the multiverse sci-fi tabletop game unlike any other. All within the FREE rulebook download above you will find a squad vs. squad, miniature skirmish game that is equal parts meticulously strategic and effortlessly fun. Our all-in-one, fully cross-referenced PDF contains the easy to learn core rules, as well as scenarios for two to six player matches, campaign and tournament rules, and a massive factions list for TWENTY unique warbands. No "quick start rules that are nothing like the real game... half-baked mechanics... buy this year's codex... buy this year's errata... download this month's FAQ..." BS. For Star Breach, it's all there for completely free, professionally edited and ready to go. If you and your gaming group have been looking for just the right way to bring all of your favorite sci-fi models into one well made system, or if you've always been interested in collecting and trying tabletop miniature gaming, but have been turned-off by the trademark driven price-points, then this system is just for you. Casual play. Competitive tournaments. Adventurous campaigns. Soon to come Cooperative and Solo expansions. If you like sci-fi and you like tabletop gaming, again: this system is just for you. I hope you give it a download and absolutely love what you find! I know for me, the Star Breach system has completely reinvigorated my love for the sci-fi tabletop hobby, and I can only hope that it will do the same for you. Enjoy! And keep your eyes on the stars!

Elijah M. Kellogg, Creator of Star Breach

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