Oct 22

Flash Fund Starts Today, and BIG NEWS!!!


The Flash Fund is now LIVE on our website! Check out to pickup some order dice sets, a deluxe PDF, and a signed/numbered limited print hardcover rulebook. Extremely limited quantities, so order soon! And for the BIG NEWS: Starting next year, Star Breach and I will be officially joining the Slow Death Games family! This opportunity is incredibly exciting for me, as Chris Kohler and his team are longtime fans of Star Breach and masters of all things tabletop. In 2020, Slow Death Games will be publishing, stocking and distributing a Star Breach full color paperback and game accessories world wide as part of their games family, and I will join the team as a writing partner and games consultant. Lots of cool stuff to come, but one thing both Slow Death Games and I want you to know now: Star Breach will still have a stripped down PDF version of the rules on our website--FREE and forever available to players all over the world, from all walks of life. Thank you for the support and for celebrating this great news with us!

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    Oct 31

    Hello Star Breach Gamers! At this point in Star Breach history, its safe to say we are steadily adding new players and tabletop groups to our fold every week. As new players have been joining us, one of the big recent demands has been for demo lists and a quick reference pack. Some new players love to dive right into list-building and customizing their first few warbands as part of the play experience. And we highly encourage doing so! Still others, however, would like to get right into the action as quickly as possible and try out the rules. Also a great choice! Thus, many have asked for some pre-made demo lists and quick reference tools that help them do just that. AND WE HAVE LISTENED! Attached below is a helpful document that not only includes 7 different demo warband lists (all from 7 different warband factions) but also all the important quick reference sheets players need to play without having to flip through the whole rulebook. These are the same exact sheets I used when touring Star Breach around at game stores and conventions, and they worked really well to give a good first-look at the game. These lists are all 90uc sized, and as such they are perfect for quick 2 player demo games on a 2x2' area of play OR a regular game of 3 players on a 3x3' area. I hope you find this pack super helpful! Enjoy!
    Oct 18

    From our second and last Kickstarter update: “Our first 24 hours were absolutely tremendous! 40% funded. Over 50 Backers. Awesome! Amazing! Thank you! Our second 24 hours... well, not so much. So, A) what's happening? and, B) how are we going to make it alright? Even better than now? A) By undergoing the full process of launching, promoting, and running this Kickstarter, I've come to a few realizations as to why we've so quickly stalled out at this point in the campaign and why this campaign is sub-optimal overall in its current delivery format. First, I realized that our player base is much MUCH more globally diverse than I had first figured. This is a really good thing! It's incredible that players from all over the world can so quickly rally around and enjoy a free tabletop ruleset like Star Breach! But for logistically handling a Kickstarter as a one man operation, I woefully underestimated my international shipping plan and woefully overestimated the demand for a physical book in light of high shipping costs. This leads to my second realization: the way I was hoping to print and distribute the book was out-of-line with the current demand. There IS a demand for a beautiful hardcover book, and that's awesome! Just not the demand I imagined. Preparing to print 300+ copies of a book is very different than prepping to print 50-100 copies. And so the monetary funding goal I set is just too high to feasibly reach at this time. Lastly, I realized that backers, current and potential, want a lot more say in their pledge options--especially when it came to sets of order dice. Simply put, I discovered that I had built the pledge tiers all wrong, and I can't fix them while the campaign is running. So in light of these three big considerations, I am confidently pulling the plug on this campaign today, and have already been developing a much better way forward. B) So how are we going to make it alright? Even better than now? I'm glad you're still reading, because here comes the good news! From October 22 (next Tuesday) to November 12, I will be running a "Flash Fund" page directly on our website,, which will serve as communal-pre-order event. While similar to a Kickstarter, it will be significantly better in several ways. For starters, it'll just be easier for everyone. The form will be very simple and the process will be natural to any online purchase or trade. Second, there will be no minimum funding needed to fulfill orders--everything ordered by any number of backers will be fulfilled. Third, backers will be able to order a hardcover book or two, a deluxe pdf, and sets of order dice in any amount or combination of their choosing. Meaning, backers will be able to custom build their own order, which I imagine will be greatly appreciated! And finally, shipping will be custom quoted for each backer at the end of the Flash Fund when invoices are sent out. Shipping will be based on weight of the total order and locale of each backer. No shipping rate confusion! Also, to top it all off, the Flash Fund on our website will ship around the same exact time we were hoping to ship with the Kickstarter: the first week of December, before this holiday season 2019! So as you can imagine, while it was a wonderful learning experience: to test the waters of Kickstarter and attempt to utilize its services, I am actually very relieved and excited to move forward with a new plan. And I believe this new plan will be just as exciting and helpful to our faithful Star Breach players and backers, like you! Thanks for the support! Cheers to you all, and we'll see you in the Flash Fund on our website, starting next Tuesday, Oct 22nd! -Elijah Kellogg, STAR BREACH
    Sep 6

    Two AWESOME announcements today: 1) As promised, v2.3 is now up for download on the website! This is the last rules update before our final draft in October for the hardcover book KS. Specific rule edits in comments. 2) I got mail. (See picture.) These lovely order dice will be broken into sets of twelve and available in different quantities through our Kickstarter in October. Looking good!
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